Screw You, Incoming Morning

I’m not yet done with tonight. Can’t stop watching.



My Road Rage

Has more to do with annoying radio announcers and less to do with people on the actual road. It’s not you I’m flipping off. It’s the voice on my radio.

road rage

When Blogs Lie

With a great title but cheat you in the body copy. Grabs my attention with an awesome title then loses me in a circle without a point. Where’s the juice? Where’s the answer to the question you lured me here with? What are the five foods to NEVER eat lest I surrender myself to twathood? What is the answer to why my hair didn’t grow five inches overnight even though I slept in a puddle of egg whites and avocado? What is the mystery squat that can actually widen my hips?

I’ve read six paragraphs already and you’re still gearing me up for point #1. And no you cannot have my money.

You lied to me.

simon c

Since you Died

I’ve been┬ádrinking. Every day I have a beer after work and on weekends I go out to “escape” this. But all I end up doing is hurting myself more. So I’ve stopped. It’s just the three of us now. No matter who is around, it’s still just us three. I hope you know that I’m full of love for you. No matter what happened, what remained was love.


You Visited Today

And every part of me rejected it. I stayed away because I no longer feel compelled to be polite when all you are is toxic.

You respected my space today because you had no choice. You didn’t come down. Where was that respect years ago when you had the choice? This was my space then as it is now. You came and you left. I am still here.

That speaks volumes.